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Version 1.4.5

JSON Text Preview

  • Added JSON Text preview for users that prefer textual representation
  • Switch to Text View / Outline View (App remembers your selection)
  • Toggle human readable (Formatted representation)
  • Toggle Highlighted (Slower to render) with colored scheme text

Token Transformers

  • Bring real dynamism in API Groups & Endpoints fields
  • Use included or code your own Token Transformer
  • Chain token transformers in fields
  • Many value selection transformers and JSON Path transformers in order to chain requests


  • New toggle with selection of Auto expand option for API Endpoints trees

Version 1.4.0

Http Requests

  • Tree hierarchy importance for API Groups & Requests
  • API Groups (Development, Staging, Production) for shared variables, headers, parameters
  • API Endpoints (Requests)


  • Search within Keys & Values
  • Options to select or filter in tree
  • Recent searches per project node


  • Filter nodes to get better temporal data focus
  • Filter via jsonPath for all items at same level
  • Add / Remove from filtered view


  • Permanently mark JSON nodes for quick navigation
  • Add / Remove bookmarked nodes.


  • Modify sent headers in JSON responses for better customization
  • Select HTTP version between 1.1 / 2.0

Bug fixes

  • Fixed editing crash

Version 1.02

  • Bug Fixes

Version 1.01

  • Bug Fixes

Version 1.0

First version released in Apple AppStore including:

  • Document Base
  • Project Nodes: Folder, Model, Note
  • Json Nodes: Object, Smart Object, Array, Smart Array, String, Number, Boolean, Null
  • Importing Project Nodes from .json files, clipboard, disk file or iCloud.
  • Exporting Projet Nodes to .json files, file, saving to iCloud.
  • Value Transformers
  • Smart Objects, Convert to Smart Object function
  • Disabling Json Nodes
  • JSON Path
  • Duplicate (N) Times function
  • Copy Json Path relative / absolute path
  • Select on same level function
  • Drag & Drop, drag to from text files
  • Coding of Value Transformers
  • Quick Look
  • Value Transformer popover
  • Javascript Console
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