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Add missing en translations for layout_template and layout_template_h…

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1 parent a18ba59 commit 583433160d82c5ba88235eceb055f4ae33248aee @ugisozols ugisozols committed
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4 pages/config/locales/en.yml
@@ -68,8 +68,10 @@ en:
parent_page_help: You can put a page under another page by selecting it in the list. If you want this page to be a top-level page, just leave it blank.
menu_title_help: If you want the menu to display a different title than the one that dipsplays on the page, enter it here.
custom_slug_help: A slug is a human-readable ID used to create a page's full URL, for example 'about-us'. To override the slug that is automatically created by Refinery, enter your custom slug here.
+ layout_template: Layout template
+ layout_template_help: You can chose different layout template for this page
view_template: View template
- view_template_help: You can chose different template for this page
+ view_template_help: You can chose different view template for this page
seo: Search Engine Optimization
seo_override_title: Browser title

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