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Welcome to Test Item Bank

The Test Item Bank component manages the importing and exporting of test (assessment) items. Major features include:

  • OAuth-based security
  • RESTful API
  • Multi-tenant support


This project is licensed under the AIR Open Source License v1.0.

Getting Involved

We would be happy to receive feedback on its capabilities, problems, or future enhancements:

  • For general questions or discussions, please use the Forum.
  • Use the Issues link to file bugs or enhancement requests.
  • Feel free to Fork this project and develop your changes!


The Test Item Bank modules require configuration to be setup in Program Management in order for the modules to configure themselves correctly. A sample configuration file that includes all the properties can be found in external_release_docs/ The contents of the file can be copied and pasted into Program Management and then modified based on the descriptions below.

  • Item Bank - Component name. Must match name in Permissions and Program Management.
  • mna.mnaUrl=http://name.of.mna.server/rest/ - URL of the MNA server's REST endpoint
  • - OAuth MNA client name
  • mna.oauth.client.secret= - OAuth MNA client secret
  • mna.oauth.batch.account= - Username (email address) of MNA client user used for authenticating into MNA and logging metrics information
  • mna.oauth.batch.password= - Password of MNA client user
  • oauth.access.url=https://name.of.sso.server/auth/oauth2/access_token?realm=/sbac - SSO OAuth service URL including realm
  • permission.uri=https://name.of.permissions.server/rest - REST endpoint of Permissions server
  • tib.clean.files.age.days=100 - How many days to keep files in TIB's SFTP directory on the sftp server
  • tib.clean.files.cron.trigger=0 0 8 * * * - Cron config for cleaning TIB files
  • tib.file.pathname=/usr/local/tomcat/uploads - Location on the TIB server where TIB will place test items it FTPs from the FTP server.
  • tib.mna.description=The Test Item Bank Component - Name of TIB component for display in MNA
  • tib.mongo.dbname=test - TIB Mongo DB database name
  • - DNS name of the Mongo DB host for TIB.
  • tib.mongo.password= - TIB Mongo DB password
  • tib.mongo.port=27017 - TIB Mongo DB server port
  • tib.mongo.username= - TIB Mongo DB username
  • tib.oauth.checktoken.endpoint=https://name.of.sso.server/auth/oauth2/tokeninfo?realm=/sbac - SSO OAuth checktoken service URL including realm
  • - OAuth TIB client ID
  • tib.oauth.resource.client.secret= - OAuth TIB client secret
  • tib.sftp.hostname=name.of.sftp.server - Name of SFTP server from which TIB reads items.
  • - Import directory name in SFTP directory for TIB user
  • tib.sftp.password= - TIB SFTP password
  • tib.sftp.port=22 - TIB SFTP port
  • tib.sftp.user= - TIB SFTP username

REST Module

The REST module is a deployable WAR file ( that provides REST endpoints that can be used to access and modify test item data. The REST module has an internal dependency to the Persistence module.

The REST module uses both the Program Management and the Monitoring and Alerting components. Please view the documentation at the links provided. The REST module is a deployable WAR file ( that provides REST endpoints that can be used to access and modify test item data. The REST module has an internal dependency to the Persistence module.

Persistence Module

The Persistence module is a JAR artifact that is used by the REST module. This module is responsible for persistence of application data.

Domain Module

The domain module contains all of the domain beans used to model the Test Item Bank data as well as code used as search beans to create Mongo queries. It is a JAR artifact that is used by other modules.


These are the steps that should be taken in order to build all of the Program Management related artifacts.


  • Mongo 2.0 or higher
  • Tomcat 6 or higher
  • Maven (mvn) version 3.X or higher installed
  • Java 7
  • Access to sb11-shared-build repository
  • Access to sb11-shared-code repository
  • Access to sb11-rest-api-generator repository
  • Access to sb11-program-management repository
  • Access to sb11-monitoring-alerting-client repository

Build order

  • sb11-shared-build
  • sb11-shared-code
  • sb11-rest-api-generator
  • sb11-program-management
  • sb11-monitoring-alerting-client
  • sb11-test-item-bank


Test Item Bank has a number of direct dependencies that are necessary for it to function. These dependencies are already built into the POM files.

Compile Time Dependencies

  • Apache Commons IO
  • Apache Commons Lang
  • Hibernate Validator
  • Spring Integration Core
  • Spring Integration SFTP
  • Apache Commons Compress
  • Apache Commons File Upload
  • CGLib
  • SB11 Shared Code
    • Logback
    • SLF4J
    • JCL over SLF4J
    • Spring Core
    • Spring Beans
    • Spring Data MongoDb
    • Mongo Data Driver
    • Spring Context
    • Spring WebMVC
    • Spring Web
    • Spring Aspects
    • AspectJ RT
    • AspectJ Weaver
    • Javax Inject
    • Apache HttpClient
    • JSTL API
    • Apache Commons Lang
    • Joda Time
    • Jackson Core
    • Jackson Annotations
    • Jackson Databind
  • SB11 REST API Generator
    • JSTL
    • Apache Commons Lang
  • SB11 Program Management Client (view README for dependency details)
  • SB11 Monitoring and Alerting Client (view README for dependency details)

Test Dependencies

  • Spring Test
  • Hamcrest
  • JUnit 4
  • Flapdoodle
  • Podam
  • Log4J over SLF4J
  • Mockito

Runtime Dependencies

  • Servlet API

Runtime Dependencies

  • Servlet API