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Welcome to the Shared Security Component

The Shared Security component contains reusable components for authentication and authorization. Please review the document for additional info on SAML integration.


This project is licensed under the AIR Open Source License v1.0.

Getting Involved

We would be happy to receive feedback on its capabilities, problems, or future enhancements:

  • For general questions or discussions, please use the Forum.
  • Use the Issues link to file bugs or enhancement requests.
  • Feel free to Fork this project and develop your changes!


SharedSecurity has a number of direct dependencies that are necessary for it to function. These dependencies are already built into the Maven POM files.

Compile Time Dependencies

  • shared-build-parent
  • prog-mgmnt-client
  • prog-mgmnt-client-null-impl
  • logback-core
  • logback-classic
  • janino
  • slf4j-api
  • jcl-over-slf4j
  • log4j-over-slf4j
  • spring-core
  • spring-beans
  • spring-context
  • spring-webmvc
  • spring-web
  • spring-expression
  • spring-tx
  • spring-security-web
  • spring-security-config
  • spring-security-core
  • spring-context
  • spring-context-support
  • bcprov-jdk15on
  • spring-security-saml2-core
  • javax.inject
  • httpclient
  • commons-lang
  • joda-time
  • jackson-datatype-joda
  • jackson-annotations
  • jackson-core
  • jackson-databind
  • guava
  • ehcache
  • spring-security-oauth2

Test Dependencies

  • spring-test
  • hamcrest-core
  • commons-io
  • junit
  • podam

Runtime Dependencies

  • servlet-api
  • jsp-api
  • jstl-api