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An npmjs module for interacting with the Wattpad API
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An NPM module for interacting with the Wattpad API

Note: You will need an API key for this to work! Grab one here!

What does this do?

This module interacts with the Wattpad API. At time of upload, this can only do story-related things. I will (hopefully) add more, such as searching for lists, categories, etc.

How do I use it?

Here's an example.

const wattpad = require("wattpad-api")
const key = "Your API key"

wattpad.storyTitle(key, "Welcoming January", 1).then(title => console.log(title))

Let's break this down. Of course, you have to require the package.

Then, you store your API key into a variable/const/whatever. You don't have to do this, but it'll save you a LOT of trouble.

Then you search. So, what are the arguments?
apikey - Your API key.

query - The title of the story you're looking for. Defaults to "story"

offset - An offset on the search. Defaults to 0.

Docs and stuff

All of these are returned in a promise. If you're wondering why, skip to the Q&A.

The docs have been moved to here.


Are you associated with Wattpad, do you know anybody from Wattpad, etc.?
No, I am not associated with Wattpad. I'm not stealing anything here, I'm just simplifying the use of their API.

Why is everything in a promise?
Because I suck at coding. But hey, it works!

Your code is messy, you used a const wrong, I don't even know what I'm looking at, etc.
See above.

Can you add {insert feature}?
Probably, yeah. If you want to add it yourself, feel free to make a pull request.

Does this mean I can read stories from my command line, browser, discord bot, etc?????
No, it does not. The Wattpad API does not return the content of the story's parts.

This is way too simplified!
I know, I know. This may look like spoon-feeding. But really, I'm just trying to help out!

I have an issue!
Please try doing what you were doing again a few times more before opening an issue.

Can I use this for my website, discord bot, etc?
Sure, go right ahead!

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