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This plugin adds several utilites to Maya for working with Unreal:

  • Automatically assigns simplified box, capsule, sphere and convex collision to a green display layer and group, and renames them to match the output mesh so that they are imported correctly.
  • Easily create named sockets that are automatically managed similar to the collision.
  • One-click export static mesh and skeletal mesh to .fbx next to the .ma/.mb scene file, and one-click export baked animation for every referenced skeleton suffixed with the skeleton's namespace.


  1. Clone or download this repository into C:/Users/your username/Documents/maya/your version/modules. For example mine is in C:/Users/Nelson/Documents/maya/2018/modules. If done correctly the icons, plug-ins and scripts folders should be in the Tuelkit folder inside the modules folder.
  2. Move the Tuelkit.mod file up one level into the modules folder.
  3. Start Maya and open the Plug-in Manager under Windows -> Settings/Preferences. Navigate to and click the checkmark next to Loaded and Auto load.

Pre-configured Shelf

Shelf Preview

Shelf buttons with icons for opening live link, creating creating simplified collision and sockets as well as exporting to Unreal can be set up by loading the shelf_Tuelkit.mel file inside the scripts folder.

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