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Scrapy proxy authentication example for Smartproxy
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The following example is a simple script showing how to utilize Smartproxy with Scrapy. We suggest to reseach Scrapy documentation in order to continue development with this tool.


To get started with Scrapy you will first need to install it using methods provided in their documentation. Check here for more information


Once you get Scrapy up and running if you have not yet, make sure that you create your project folder

scrapy startproject yourprojectname

When project directory is setup, you can now copy our test spider code:

  1. Open Terminal/Command prompt.
  2. Open your project folder using cd .\yourprojectname\yourprojectname\spiders\
  3. Run command curl >
  4. Run the script using scrapy crawl smartproxy command.

How to check if it works?

As mentioned this script only sends a basic request to a certain website to check what IP address is currently visiting it.

If you done all the steps correctly, you should see the result as {'ip': '\nYour Public IPv4 is: XX.XX.XX.XX'} along with other actions performed by Scrapy in the Terminal window.

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