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Text and XML versions of the Beer Judge Certification Program 2015 style guidelines
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Beer Judge Certification Program

2015 Style Guidelines

Text and XML versions of the Beer Judge Certification Program 2015 style guidelines

Markdown version generated via (somewhat laborious) copy/paste from the official DOCX.

XML version created via automated script from Markdown.

Note: text formatting within the XML document retains Markdown syntax: that is, this text has an *italic* word
rather than this text has an <i>italic</i> word.

Copyright © 2015, BJCP, Inc. The BJCP grants the right to make copies for use in BJCP-sanctioned competitions or for educational/judge training purposes.
All other rights reserved.

Full program information available at

Edited by: Gordon Strong and Kristen England

Past Guideline Analysis:
Don Blake, Agatha Feltus, Tom Fitzpatrick, Mark Linsner, Jamil Zainasheff

New Style Contributions:
Drew Beechum, Craig Belanger, Dibbs Harting, Antony Hayes, Ben Jankowski, Andew Korty, Larry Nadeau, William Shawn Scott, Ron Smith, Lachlan Strong, Peter Symons, Michael Tonsmeire, Mike Winnie, Tony Wheeler

Review and Commentary:
Ray Daniels, Roger Deschner, Rick Garvin, Jan Grmela, Bob Hall, Stan Hieronymus, Marek Mahut, Ron Pattinson, Steve Piatz, Evan Rail, Nathan Smith,Petra and Michal Vřes

Final Review:
Brian Eichhorn, Agatha Feltus, Dennis Mitchell, Michael Wilcox

Markdown and XML versions:
Matthew Smedberg

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