@romainruaud romainruaud released this Jan 6, 2017 · 167 commits to 2.3.x since this release

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ℹ️ New features :

The new version of Smile Elastic Suite comes with the following new features :

  • Introducing the Optimizers feature : you are now able to create boosts based on rules like Boost all products that are in stock / discounted or Boost all products for Men
  • Adding special attributes to the virtual rules (for virtual categories and optimizers) : this allow to build rules based on only discounted products or only in stock products and only products with images.
  • Attributes Autocomplete : Attributes are now displayed in autocomplete results. (#141)
  • Advanced Search Compatibility : ElasticSuite is now fully compatible with the Advanced Search feature. (#226)
  • Show less/more into facets : Customers are now able to display all values for a facet if they wish. (#221)
  • Support of HTTP Authentication for ElasticSearch (#212)
  • Filters are now rendered via a JS component on search result and navigation pages (#191)
  • Support for "min_doc_count" in histogram aggregations. (#189)
  • Support for bulk update operations (#159)


  • Huge improvement of indexing process, which will result in more light and faster rebuilt indexes (#164)
  • Better price rendering for products in the autocomplete (now manages special price, flat taxes, etc ...) (#207)
  • An issue on virtual categories when using "Flat Categories" index. (#231)
  • Keyboard navigation in the autocomplete result box (#193)
  • Correct display of special characters in the autocomplete result box (#192)
  • Products thumbnails in autocomplete box are not rendered with full size image anymore (#177)
  • Proper implementation of index durability (#176)
  • Better performances for facet display (#165)
  • Correct appliance of visibility into the autocomplete box (#276)
  • An issue for the mapping of sortable but not searchable fields (#277)
  • An issue where choosing to display "all" products per page on Front-Office was not properly applied (#250)