@romainruaud romainruaud released this Jan 18, 2019 · 7 commits to 2.7.x since this release

📦 Features :

  • In this feature we took a step forward on GraphQL compatibility (#1260). We ensured that the search GraphQL endpoint was still running properly if Elasticsuite is installed as Search Engine.

This means that, for now, you can use the Magento's Venia PWA application on front of a Magento which is running Elasticsuite as search engine.

We will now keep following Venia progress (frontend app), and also Magento progress (backend GraphQL endpoints) and update Elasticsuite accordingly.

  • Thanks to https://github.com/rikwillems 👍 (#1255) it is now possible to search into the category products listing preview in admin. If you have a sizeable catalog, it is now easier to find that elusive new product 👻 hiding at the end of the list to assign him a top position.

This solves a very old feature request (#157).

  • Also in the category products listing preview, a new feature allows (#1247) to define product positions and blacklist at the store view level. If you operate a multiple store instance, the positions and blacklist already defined globally (on the "All Store Views" scope) will be inherited automatically by every store view. But it is now possible to change them on a per-store view basis.

When editing a category on the "All Store Views" scope, the interface is unchanged, except for the button allowing to reset all products positions and visible/blacklisted status and the newly introduced search ability.

The changes made on the "All Store Views" scope are considered the default products listing configuration.

When editing a category on a specific store view scope, it is still possible to preview that configuration, but you will not be able to alter as long as "Use default positions" is set to "Yes".

Switching "Use default positions" to "No" allows for the overriding of the positions and blacklist status for the selected store views :

Those store view level changes will be taken into account once the category is saved.

⚠️ When editing a category on a specific store view scope, you can finetune your store view level configuration by switching the Use default positions back and forth from No to Yes to compare it to the default configuration but saving the category when Use default positions is on Yes will delete your store view level configuration once and for all.

Fixed :

  • A potential XSS vulnerability (#1211) has been fixed (#1271)

  • Fixed a bug (#1236) when in some cases the category indexing did not work (#1245)

  • Fixed a bug (#1253) on REST search API (#1261). Thanks to @grandpalacko

  • Fixed an architectural design controversy (#1246) by switching a plugin type from around to after (#1265)

  • A potential issue (#1212) on tracking index building (#1269)

  • Changin and adminhtml label (#1270) as requested by Product Owner (#1135)

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