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Purpose of MongoGento

The module provides an integration of MongoDB into Magento. The first version handle product attributes and media galleries.

It has been developed and tested against Magento EE 1.13.

This module should be deployed on new project with huge catalog (> 100,000 products) since it allows significant reduction of the performance inpact of the EAV model by reducing dramatically the number of attributes stored into the database.

Install MongoGento

System requirements

MongoGento requires you to install :

For development environment a single MongoDB instance deployment is sufficient. If you plan a production environment with a more complicated architecture (ReplicaSet or Sharding), you will add to test it strongly on this architecture before it will go live and at least testing environment should reproduce this architecture.

Module install

The easiest way to install the module is to use the installer, by launching the following shell command from you Magento installation root folder :

php < <(wget -O -

The installation will be processed from the master branch. If you prefer to pick a specific release (v.1.0.0 by example), you can use this syntax to specify the release :

php -- v.1.0.0 < <(wget -O -


To configure MongoGento, you will have to indicate the configuration of the MongoDB server as shown into the app/etc/mongogento.xml.template file :

<?xml version="1.0"> 


Is it ready for production ?

Previous versions of MongoGento are already into production on some websites. Some with millions of products.

Is there Magento modules that are reported as non-working with MongoGento ?

Yes there is some broken features (the list is not exhaustive) :

  • Product catalog rules does not handle some attributes (confirmed compare does not see MongoDB attributes)

The following features have not been tested with MongoGento and should be considered as broken :

  • Sitemap
  • Rule based product relations
  • Product tags and comments
  • Feel free to submit your report about untested features (OK / KO) and patches for broken features

What is the Roadmap ?

We have several ideas we will evaluate into the roadmap :

  • Integrate quotes / carts management
  • Integrate customer management
  • Restore most used broken features

Any idea is welcome.