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from django.forms.widgets import ClearableFileInput
from django.utils.safestring import mark_safe
from easy_thumbnails.files import get_thumbnailer
class ImageClearableFileInput(ClearableFileInput):
template_with_initial = (
u'%(clear_template)s<br />'
u'%(input_text)s: %(input)s'
template_with_thumbnail = (
u'%(template)s<br />'
u'<a href="%(source_url)s" target="_blank">%(thumb)s</a>'
def __init__(self, thumbnail_options=None, attrs=None):
thumbnail_options = thumbnail_options or {}
thumbnail_options = thumbnail_options.copy()
if not 'size' in thumbnail_options:
thumbnail_options['size'] = (80, 80)
self.thumbnail_options = thumbnail_options.copy()
super(ImageClearableFileInput, self).__init__(attrs)
def thumbnail_id(self, name):
return '%s_thumb_id' % name
def get_thumbnail(self, value):
thumbnailer = get_thumbnailer(value,
thumbnailer.source_storage =
if hasattr(value, 'thumbnail_storage'):
thumbnailer.thumbnail_storage = value.thumbnail_storage
return thumbnailer.get_thumbnail(self.thumbnail_options)
def render(self, name, value, attrs=None):
output = super(ImageClearableFileInput, self).render(
name, value, attrs)
if not value or not hasattr(value, 'storage'):
return output
thumb = self.get_thumbnail(value)
substitution = {
'template': output,
'thumb': thumb.tag(id=self.thumbnail_id(name)),
return mark_safe(self.template_with_thumbnail % substitution)
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