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Can't generate thumbnail #151

camilonova opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Hi, i can't generate the thumbnail for this image:

This is my traceback:

Seems its a problem with exif data or something, i try both PIL and Pillow but i have the same error no matter the library.

im using easy-thumbnails==1.0.1 on django==1.4


@SmileyChris SmileyChris added a commit that closed this issue
@SmileyChris Catch a potential OSError when getting EXIF info
_getexif is pretty touchy about errors happening. It was already wrapped
in a generous try/except which catches most issues. It looks like this
one is happening with the TIFF plugin (which is odd, since the image
does seem to be a JPEG - I guess PIL is just confused).

Oh well, just add another exception clause to the except;pass branch.

Fixes #151.

You made my day! Thanks

@camilonova camilonova added a commit to camilonova/easy-thumbnails that referenced this issue
@camilonova camilonova I get an IOError instead of OSError, since im not sure OSError are ha…
…ndled in this case i have replaced it.

This handles well the corrupted image reported at #151
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