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many requests to cdn when using django-cumulus #214

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I'm using easy-thumbnail with django-cumulus to store my thumbnails and source files on a CDN. When I have a list of {% thumbnail ... %} templatetags, I notice that for each templatetag, easy-thumbnail will create a new CloudStorageFile class, and a new connection to my CDN. This is getting rather expensive (time-wise) and is causing pages to load slowly as each request to the CDN takes on average 500ms. While I wil work with RackSpace to address that issue (IMO it shouldn't be that long). I was wondering if there is anything we can do from an easy-thumbnail perspective to reduce the amount of HTTP queries to the CDN. I'm not sure if this is a easy-thumbnail issue, or a django-cumulus issue, or a django-cloudfiles issue, but I figured I'd start at the top of the chain.
Any help or pointers would be appreciated.


I am running into this as well, and it's an app-breaking problem.


This would be nice to check again against master now that some of @epicserve's hard work is in there.


Closing now, until I hear if this is still an issue

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