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A gedit plugin to switch between tabs using Ctrl-Tab / Ctrl-Shift-Tab (most recently used order) and Ctrl-PageUp / Ctrl-PageDown (tabbar order)
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Control Your Tabs, a plugin for gedit
Switch between tabs using Ctrl-Tab / Ctrl-Shift-Tab and
Ctrl-PageUp / Ctrl-PageDown

Ctrl-Tab / Ctrl-Shift-Tab switch tabs in most recently used order.
Ctrl-PageUp / Ctrl-PageDown switch tabs in tabbar order.

Inspired by:
    TabSwitch by Elia Sarti
    TabPgUpPgDown by Eran M.
    the gEdit Documents panel

Copyright (C) 2010 Jeffery To <>

Available under GNU General Public License version 3

I've only tested this in my own environment (gedit 2.28.0, GTK+ 2.18.0,
Ubuntu 9.10), so incompatibilities / bugs are very possible!

Please send bug reports to <>.
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