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Laravel 5 - Blade
Laravel 5 - PHP

PHP Storm Live Templates


We all spend a lot of time typing and retyping code, we all know its a massive waste of time so I have put together a set of templates specifically for PHP Storm.

The snippets are all set to expand upon a tab key.

Some templates have additional functionality and multiple variables so ensure you use them all!


  1. Laravel 5 - Blade
  2. Laravel 5 - PHP
  3. Bootstrap


Place the XML file in the following folder depending upon your operating system.

OS X: ~/Library/Preferences/WebIde<version number>/templates

Windows: <your home directory>.WebIde<version number>\config\templates

Linux: ~/.WebIde<version number>/config/templates

I have not tested these paths on either Windows or Linux.

Once the file is in the correct place open PHP Storm. If it's open you'll probably have to restart it.

The templates should now work for you. To check them out go to Preferences > Editor > Live Templates

##Whats missing? I know there are a load of things I could add in and I will as I go. Feel free to shout up.