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Data on stem, leaf, and root respiration
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This repository contains data and analysis scripts corresponding to the article Short-term thermal acclimation of dark respiration is greater in non-photosynthetic than in photosynthetic tissues by Smith et al. in Annals of Botany - Plants.

Description of repository folders

Raw Data

The raw_data folder contains raw gas exchange data for respiration of leaves, stems, and roots as well as photosynthetic and leaf trait data. Please refer to for more information about the photosynthetic data.

Curve Fitting Script

The curve_fitting_script folder contains an R script to fit the instantaneous respiration temperature response curves from the raw data.

Instantaneous Temperature Response Curve Fits

The tresp_curve_fits folder contains the fits for each instantaneous temperature response of leaf, stem, and root respiration from the curve fitting R script.

Analysis Script

The analysis_script folder contains an R script to run the analyses presented in the Smith et al. article.

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