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Slack Slash Command to Recommend Music


  • A web server running PHP5 with cURL enabled. Cloud services such as Heroku will do!
  • A slack team and the ability to install custom integrations


  • Place this script on a server running PHP5 with cURL. Note: It must be served over https with a valid non-self signed certificate.
  • Set up a new custom slash command on your Slack team:
  • Under "Choose a command", enter whatever you want for the command. This slash command plugin was written with /similarMusic as the command.
  • Under URL, enter the URL for the script on your server.
  • Leave Method set to Post.
  • Decide whether you want this command to show in the autocomplete list for slash commands.
  • If you do, enter a short description and usage hint.
  • Create an incoming webhook
  • Copy the Webhook URL into the clipboard and replace the following line with yours

$webhookUrl = ""


/similarMusic Radiohead

Sample Output

Sample output from slash command