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A Nimiq tip bot.
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How to add to your server

You can install my hosted version of this software. However, only admins can add bots to servers. @free-nim-bot will not have admin rights, though. You can try it on an example server, too.


All commands are case-insensitive.

!tip nimiq address [tip amount]

Sends NIM, on chain, to that address. If you don't specify a tip amount, it defaults to 0.2 NIM.

!tip @discord_username [tip amount]

Sends NIM to that user’s tip balance, off-chain. If you don't specify a tip amount, it defaults to 0.2 NIM.


Shows you your tip balance

!withdraw nimiq address

Sends your entire tip balance to that address, on-chain.


Gives you instructions on how to deposit.


Gives you a link to the github.

You can send the commands by DMing @nim-tip-bot, or in any Discord server that has the bot on it.

How to make a self-hosted installation

  1. Install the Nimiq compiled binary, on your Ubuntu/Debian system.
  2. Clone this repo.
  3. Run npm install.
  4. Make a Nimiq private key, and put it in privateKey.js. It is recommended that you use a different address then your usual address for this tipbot.
  5. In privateKey.js, put module.exports = "your twenty four words";
  6. Give a few NIM to your new address.
  7. Follow this guide to get a Discord token. Put your secret in discordToken.js, like:
  "token": "put your token here"
  1. Create db.json. This will store all of the tipbot data.
  2. Copy your discord user ID, like so (in any Discord channel): Type in @yourusername, and take the numbers.
  3. Put this in db.json:
  "userBalances": {
    "YOUR USER ID": 99999999999999
  "blacklist": []
  1. In the Discord dev console, get your app's ID: Copy what's after "Client ID:"
  2. Go to APP ID&scope=bot
  3. You can now add your bot to a server.
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