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SmoothPhp PHP CQRS ES FRAMEWORK Documentation

Smooth Php Framework is a modern CQRS event souring package built to help developers create powerful and complex applications with ease.

Many of the principles of CQRS and event souring are simple however to build your own infrastructure can be slow and hard process, this is why we created this package.

Most the sections of this package are interfaced to enable developers to swap out components with there own code (we do provide general concrete implementations), we think this is what sets us aside from other PHP cqrs/es packages out there. Learn more about Contracts

We do provide framework support for Laravel and Symfony and may be better starting point for developers who are looking to plug and play this package.

What is CQRS and ES

If you have never heard of CQRS or ES not to worry. We are about to publish a whole set of tutorials of everything you could possible want to know. Here are Smooth Php we feel CQRS and event sourcing are brilliant way to build complex software and want the Php community to embrace it.

Quick start

composer require smoothphp/crqs-es-framework
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