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OnAirMega is a "simple" powershell script that periodically checks in to multiple web services to use for controlling a Windows machine via multiple addon features such as sounds, gifs, voice, or youtube videos.


  1. Needed a simple method to Cenafy people. Was born.
  2. [Origin] Labs - Onair button  - Airplane Ding = All Clear/Green, Metal Gear Alert = Shutup/RED
  3. [PS] Put on tv, browser didn't like autoplay.. Wrote ps script to run in background. PS Script calls New AHK Media script (OnAirPlayer.exe) that plays wav file - Same Files as above
  4. [PS] Guys want new tones, Mike figures out how to change the tone by just replacing the alert.wav file with any other file named the same
  5. [PS] Guys modify ps script to load a media directory listing into memory on script load, randomly choose sound on each All Clear, same alert tone
  6. [PS] Too many replays, script rewrite to make sure it plays all sounds only once until all sounds are played then reloads
  7. [PS/WEB] I rewrote script to send last played to alreadydev so we knew what was played
  8. [WEB] Added voting system
  9. [WEB] Added Spammer button
  10. [PS/WEB] Added remote replay ability to powershell script
  11. [PS/WEB] Added admin features - Remote Delete file
  12. [PS/WEB] Added democracy - If downvotes > $var, remotely delete the file
  13. [WEB] Added tagging
  14. [WEB] Changed to tabulator
  15. [WEB] Added Favorite Button
  16. [PS] Force Volume to 100% on script load
  17. [SCRIPT] Added GifDisplay.exe (AHK Script that displays a gif in the middle of the screen)
  18. [PS] Added Gifs
  19. [PS/WEB] Added Remote Stop
  20. [PS] Added Remote Gif Feature
  21. [WEB] Added Random Gif Button
  22. [PS] removed files including _NSFW from autoplay (SFW Mode) [Currently enabled by default]
  23. [PS/WEB] Added ability for users to upload file to alreadydev, and powershell script would pull down to the remotebox automatically
  24. [PS] Added Network Check Feature
  25. [SCRIPT] Added Voice.exe
  26. [PS] Added remote talk
  27. [WEB] Added Computron Buttons (EightBall)
  28. [WEB] Added Computron Console (Raw data entry)
  29. [PS/WEB] Added remote rename
  30. [WEB] Added if tag=nsfw auto rename file to include _NSFW in name 
  31. [WEB] Added RandomFact, CatFacts, TomFact
  32. [SCRIPT] Added FullScreenYouTube.exe
  33. [PS] Added ability to play full screen YouTube videos remotely

*. Guessing really, as I am not CERTAIN of where things fell into place..

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