Commits on Nov 5, 2018
  1. Merge branch 'master' into bleeding

    Snaipe committed Nov 5, 2018
  2. v2.3.3: merging fix/247.

    Snaipe committed Nov 5, 2018
    Fixes #247.
  3. sphinx: fixed the docs

    Snaipe committed May 1, 2017
Commits on Oct 30, 2018
  1. hotfix: fix clang tests fork-bombing themselves

    Snaipe committed Oct 30, 2018
Commits on Jun 6, 2018
  1. api,assert: added missing tag functions for 'chr'

    Snaipe committed Jun 6, 2018
Commits on May 2, 2018
  1. xml: fix use-after-free in fprintf_locale.

    Snaipe committed May 2, 2018
    Fixes #232.
  2. cram: fixed patch nuking timing regexp

    Snaipe committed May 2, 2018
  3. cli: fixed typo in help message; s/ignore_warnings/ignore-warnings

    Snaipe committed May 2, 2018
  4. new-assert: added stream tag.

    Snaipe committed May 2, 2018
    Streams are special constructs that let users compare abitrary data
    streams, by letting them provide their own read procedures. As streams
    are evaluated on-the-fly, they are suitable for use when comparing very
    large datasets that would not be sensible to load in memory, though they
    are slightly less convenient than using `mem`.
    These are designed to replace the now deprecated file assertion API.
Commits on May 1, 2018
  1. doc,assert: fixed typo in new/assert.h

    Snaipe committed May 1, 2018
  2. deps: updated boxfort to 106d7da4b365e8a775a6d67c423fb85777d8d81e

    Snaipe committed May 1, 2018
    This fixes issues with msync on WSL, huge slowdows for
    systems supporting a large number of file descriptors, and
    the stack being marked executable.
    This also adds support for ARM and ARM64. This support is not CI-backed,
    so it might break at any point, but it's better than letting the code
    rot since people are starting to have some interest in running criterion
    on ARM.
    fixes #248
    fixes #233
    fixes #224
Commits on Jan 31, 2018
  1. contributing: add section about testing changes

    Snaipe committed Jan 31, 2018
  2. cmake: DESTDIR can't be used on external projects because it breaks w…

    Snaipe committed Jan 31, 2018
  3. travis,osx: use xcode8 image for gcc-4.9 availability

    Snaipe committed Jan 31, 2018
Commits on Dec 12, 2017
  1. api,c++: fixed throw assertion not failing when nothing throws

    Snaipe committed Dec 12, 2017
    This is somewhat unexpected behaviour -- so we now
    raise an assertion failure as a fallback when nothing
    was thrown from the passed statement.
    This was somewhat supported before through any_throw,
    but clearly not ideal.
Commits on Dec 2, 2017
  1. cmake,deps: Fixed dependencies installing when not needed

    Snaipe committed Dec 2, 2017
    Previously, the build system would erroneously install
    BoxFort to $DESTDIR at the full binary path -- this caused
    problems for package managers, where a make install DESTDIR=...
    would populate the tree with boxfort files for $(pwd),
    which would cause conflicts when installing them (plus it
    installed things outside of the prefix, which is bad).
    This is a quick & dirty fix for that. I'm not too convinced
    about using ExternalProject_Add anymore for dependencies.
Commits on Jul 17, 2017
  1. output: force quiet mode when outputting to std{out,err}

    Snaipe committed Jul 17, 2017
  2. cram: export TERM=dumb to prevent unfortunate coloring

    Snaipe committed Jul 17, 2017
  3. autogen: stop redirecting std{out,err}.

    Snaipe committed Jul 17, 2017
    With 8b2ef37 and c399ec9 in effect, there is no need to redirect the
    standard streams when using the TAP output provider (in fact, this would
    break the autotools log compiler).
Commits on Jul 16, 2017
  1. redirect: discard std{out,err} when quiet.

    Snaipe committed Jul 16, 2017
    In quiet mode, output from both the runner and the tests shall be
    completely discarded.
    This also let the user enforce the validity of an output when using
    stdout as an output provider target.
  2. output: change '-' to mean stdout rather than stderr.

    Snaipe committed Jul 16, 2017
    This is more consistent with '-' generally meaning stdout in
    other programs.
    In addition, "/dev/stderr" is now recognized as meaning stderr
    (including on Windows).
    Fixes #201.
  3. cram,win: fixed tests where long doubles are not supported

    Snaipe committed Jul 16, 2017
  4. test: allow assertions to execute properly in fixtures.

    Snaipe committed Jul 16, 2017
    Before, calling cr_assert from fixtures resulted in undefined behaviour.
    We now interpret failing fixtures as we would for tests: exit the test
  5. doc: add paragraph for valgrind usage.

    Snaipe committed Jul 16, 2017
    Users got tripped by --callgrind-out-file rewriting the same file, as
    well as needing --trace-children=yes.
    Fixes #192.
  6. doc: add dllexport attribute to custom main.

    Snaipe committed Jul 16, 2017
    The attribute is necessary for BoxFort to work on Windows.
    Fixes #212.
  7. api,report: allow log functions to be called from runner-side report …

    Snaipe committed Jul 16, 2017
    Previously, cr_log_{info,warn,error} could only be called from test
    workers (as it uses the ipc pipe to send messages back to the runner).
    We now check whether we are in the runner or not, and call the right
    logging routine if wer are not.
    Fixes #213.
  8. cram: updated tests, remove colors, unicode, and timings.

    Snaipe committed Jul 16, 2017
    This should simplify a lot of the output testing, since we
    don't have to deal with as much character escapes.
    Color testing can be reintroduced later on.
  9. po: update line numbers

    Snaipe committed Jul 16, 2017
  10. cli: exit with a nonzero status on errors/warnings.

    Snaipe committed Jul 16, 2017
    Previously, user errors (reported through cr_log) and other
    unexpected warnings (e.g. when a test crashes during its teardown) did
    not make the test program exit with a nonzero exit status.
    Now, they do. --ignore-warnings have been added as a backward-compatible
    switch to restore the old behaviour.
  11. cli: make measure_time = 0 work again

    Snaipe committed Jul 16, 2017
    CRITERION_DISABLE_TIME_MEASUREMENTS=1 was supposed to remove
    any timing information from the output.
    As we are not actively testing for the value of the reported timings,
    we don't really care if we're disabling it in cram tests, so we do just