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Releases: Snaipe/Mimick


31 Jul 00:08
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Version 0.3.0

* api: **Breaking**: Fixed MMK_MATCHER_BIT_CMP being an invalid enum value.
* api: **Breaking**: Renamed neq,leq,geq to ne,le,ge.
* api: **Breaking**: Use comparisons operators when comparing parameters
  rather than using memcmp. This is more correct as memcmp doesn't account
  for endianness, but non-comparable types are no longer supported as
* api: Added .noabort option to mmk_mock, to return MMK_MOCK_INVALID
  instead of aborting if the mock initialization fails.
* api: Fixed comparison matchers always matching for equality.
* api: Fixed mmk_that not working.
* arch: (x86_64,system-v) Fixed rax not being preserved when calling stubs.
* arch: Added AArch64 support.
* core: **Breaking**: Ignore zero .times values in mmk_verify.
* core: Better symbol lookup code, causing less crashes overall.
* core: Fixed "self" selector not working.
* core: Fixed crashes with PIEs.
* core: Fixed linux crash when a symbol isn't found.
* core: Fixed vfprintf and abort mocks breaking mimick's panic handling.


09 Apr 11:31
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Version 0.2.0:

* api: **Breaking**: Removed parameter names from mmk_mock_define.
* api: **Breaking**: Removed mmk_mock_vdefine (mmk_mock_define now accepts
  void as a return type).
* api: Added error handling for stub & mock creation.
* api: Added support for variadic functions.
* arch: Added ARM support.
* core: Fixed sym selector not working for elf and mach-o.
* doc: Added doxygen documentation in mimick.h.
* matchers: **Breaking**: Mixing matchers and non-matchers parameters
  is now unsupported.
* matchers: Added mmk_eq.


30 Mar 19:15
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Version 0.1.0

* mimick: Initial release