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Dot Git

A git-centric way to manage your dotfiles.

Inspired by this hackernews comment by StreakyCobra.


  • Minimal: only needs git and coreutils (+ e2fsprogs if you want to use lock/unlock).
  • No symlinks: git manages your files inplace.
  • Runnable from any directory: no need to cd ~ before doing some changes.
  • Profile management: Keep all your configs in a repository, only link what you need (run dot profile --help for info).
  • Git-powered: git commands are used to manage your files.
  • Useful aliases: extended with repo-specific aliases like files and edit.

Quick Start


From scratch:

  1. Fork this repository, and copy its push url.

  2. Run the following commands (make sure to change your_repo_url and your_shell_rc):

    $ git clone --bare your_repo_url ~/.config/dotgit
    $ git --git-dir="$HOME/.config/dotgit" --work-tree="$HOME" checkout -f --
    $ echo "alias dot='PATH=\"\$HOME/.config/dotgit/bin:\$PATH\" git --git-dir=\"\$HOME/.config/dotgit/repo\" --work-tree=\"\$HOME\"'" >> ~/.your_shell_rc
    $ source ~/.your_shell_rc
    $ dot remote add origin your_repo_url
    $ dot add .config/dotgit/config
    $ dot commit -m "dot: added own remote to dotgit"
  3. You're done! Enjoy your new git-flavored dotfile manager.

  4. (optional) dot rm && dot commit -m "removed readme"

From an existing dot-git repo:

Run the following commands (make sure to change your_repo_url and your_shell_rc):

$ git clone --bare your_repo_url ~/.config/dotgit
$ git --git-dir="$HOME/.config/dotgit" --work-tree="$HOME" checkout -f --
$ source ~/.your_shell_rc

You may have to add the dot alias back if you did not version your shell rc.


  • Add some dotfiles to your repository:
$ dot add ~/.vimrc
$ dot commit -m "vim: added my configuration"
$ dot push
  • Edit the dotfile matching some keywords:
$ dot edit vimrc        # will edit .vimrc
$ dot edit config dot   # will edit .config/dotgit/config
  • List all commited dotfiles:
$ dot files             # all files
$ dot files vim         # all vim-related files
  • Write-Lock/Unlock files (needs chattr)
$ dot files .vimrc      # check the permissions on .vimrc
-rw-r--r-- '.vimrc'
$ dot lock .vimrc       # lock vimrc
[sudo] Password for user :
$ dot files .vimrc      # .vimrc now has the 'i'mmutable flag.
irw-r--r-- '.vimrc'
$ dot edit .vimrc       # dot edit will unlock the file and re-lock it after editing
  • Make a profile for your x11 config
$ dot profile add x11
$ dot profile x11 add .xinitrc .Xresources
$ dot profile x11 commit -m "added my xorg configuration"
$ dot push origin dot-x11
  • Link a profile on another machine
$ dot fetch origin
$ dot branch -t dot-x11 origin/dot-x11
$ dot profile add x11


Q: I need to call dot to draw graphs, but you thoughtlessly replaced it with an alias. What do I do?
A: I don't know about you, but I only need to call dot once every full moon, so when I do, I just call \dot, which bypasses alias expansion. You're welcome.

Q: dot profile --help doesn't seem to work, how can I read that manual page?
A: Your manpath program may not be searching the PATH variable. Try setting MANPATH=":$HOME/.config/dotgit/share/man".