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A working cockpit that has (sort of) true-to-life logics and sequences for kid play.

This code is my compilation of getting this thing to work. Feel free to use it as an example to figure out how I've cracked this nut. I'm just a dumb pilot that started programming in order to make this project, so I will answer any questions to the best of my ability, but don't expect an MIT-thesis reply. I've mostly used Google to research what codes I need (I learn best off of example code), but also bought a few books and started learning by creating the projects therein:

Arduino Workshop by John Boxall

Raspberry Pi Projects by Andrew Robinson & Mike Cook

I found my sounds and modified them using Adobe Soundbooth (which is obsolete, I believe Adobe uses Audacity now) at:,,

The parts I used are listed below: HT16K33 LED Matrix Drivers MCP23017 I/O Expanders Arduino Raspberry Pi Illuminated Pushbuttons Seven Segment Displays Missile Switch Covers SPDT Switches SPST Switches Rocker Switches 10mm LED holders 10mm Green LEDs 10mm Red LEDs Bargraph LED Displays (discontinued) Yellow Arcade Buttons Green Arcade Buttons Red Arcade Button Masonite Panels (control panels)


Kids Spaceship



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