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tools for working with git@snap
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Tools for snappers for working with git and stuff


Does a pull from upstream master and push to origin master. You can be in a
branch with uncommitted work; your stuff will be safely stashed/unstashed and
you will be automatically switched to master for the pull/push and back again
when done.

Will exit with a warning if the pull into your master branch requires a merge;
you should be doing all work in topic branches so that your master branch can
do fast-forward-only pulls.


Cleans out old branches; removes all branches that have been merged into master
and pushes the removal to origin.


Outputs a mini-report of your merged pull requests: counts of pull requests
merged by users and the last 5 pull requests merged. Only considers the local
repo, so you'll only see what you've pulled from upstream master.

The pulley tool does not include both participant's usernames in its commit log
entries, so pulley commits are not currently included in the reports!


A tool for grabbing and examining pull requests. Call it with a PR id or user
and branch name. Requires setup; you'll need entries in your ~/.netrc file for and and optionally some kind of tool for examining
the diff's in the PR (edit purq and set DIFF_CMD to whatever works for you).


Add the directory containing these files to your PATH or symlink to them
individually from a directory already in your PATH, e.g. /home/yourname/bin.
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