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A Snap Pack for demonstration and references purposes. This is the Snap Pack generated by the SnapArchetype.
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Demo Snap Pack

This is the Snap Pack generated when the Snap Maven Archetype is used.

This Snap Pack ships with eight sample Snaps for demonstration and reference purposes:

Sample Description
Single Doc Generator Outputs a single document
Doc Consumer Consumes documents
Doc Generator Outputs n documents, where n is specified by the user as an expression
Suggest Demonstrates suggest setting capabilities
Property Types Shows creating a variety of different Snap UI settings
Two Inputs Consuming from two different input sources
Two Inputs Two Outputs Consuming from two different input sources, and outputting two different Documents
Schema Example Demonstrating input and output schemas for IO validation
Character Counter Binary input and output views
Currency Converter Demonstrates dependency injection
SnapWithAccount Authenticating with an ExampleAccount

Sample Pipeline

Mega Demo Pipeline

Unit Tests

This repository also includes SnapTestRunner unit tests that show the wide range of options available to test Snap code:

Project Structure Test

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