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# S N A P I T | H H Z

Welcome to our IoT vendor machine SnapIt


Allow me? We are Anjo, Melanie, Melissa, Daniela and Paula and we complete the Master's programme Digital Business Management at the Herman Hollerith Center in Böblingen. In our IoT lecture we were given the task of developing an IoT application case and demonstrating its functionality by means of a prototype.

During a brainstorming session we came up with lots of ideas. However, we were limited to something that we could show inside our class room. When we thought about the bigger and smaller problems in our everyday life, we had the idea of reducing the process steps needed to buy a drink at a vending machine. Wouldn't it be great if you could just grab a drink from the vending machine and walk away? And so the idea of SnapIt was born!

Setting it up
So after we had the idea of SnapIt, the next step was to think about how we could demonstrate the use case and the functionality of it. The idea behind SnapIt is to simply grab a drink from the vending machine, but how do you authenticate? How is the taking of a drink detected? How does the billing process work?

The vending machine itself is constructed like a conventional refrigerator with a glass door, so that the buyer can immediately recognize the products. The door can only be opened by verified persons. Authentication should be as seamless as possible, so we thought that this could be done via NFC (near field communication) or smartwatch. The removal of a drink is tracked by the fact that a barcode scanner is installed around the frame of the door. Billing of the drink is then also carried out via NFC.

Unfortunately we are not programmers, so we have to improvise a little bit during the implementation of the prototype. Therefore we use a smartwatch to scan a QR code to simulate the authentication and billing process. In addition, we need for the task definition:
* mockups to sketch the application
* our "things": the intelligent objects
* a system architecture concept
* the business view on the case

On the following pages of this wiki you will learn more about our idea of SnapIt - we hope you like it!

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