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<h3>What is Snarl?</h3>
<p>Snarl is the name for the code that a few rough-and-ready Londoners put together for a project called <a href="">Sukey</a>. It was started by <a href="">@gausie</a> and <a href="">@samthetechie</a> the night before <a href="">the student protest on the 10th of November 2010</a> against <a href="">rising tuition fees for higher education in the UK</a>.</p>
+ <p>Ultimately, it's a system to crowdsource information about what's going on on the ground during a protest and relay it in way that is easily understandable and usable to protesters. It is made of three core modules - an <a href="">app</a> for reporting and receiving news, a <a href="">messaging console</a> to sort and rate data that's coming in and a <a href="">mapping console</a> to visualise the data it collects. There are also a few other projects under the Snarl userpage; they are proposed add-on apps to improve the service.</p>
+ <p>The short term aim is to get Snarl to a point where any protest movement could run their own instance without any human assistance. The mid term aim is to make Snarl organise and redistribute data automatically and efficiently. The longer term aim is to decentralise the whole system in some way. We can do it together.</a>

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