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A Discord bot that is connected to a lot of API endpoints.
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BotBoy discord

A big bundle of API stuff and image generators.

How to run

You need Ruby 2.3, Bundler and ImageMagick. You can download ImageMagick from or, if you are on Ubuntu, you can easily running this command:

sudo apt-get install libmagickwand-dev

First, install all the dependencies using bundle install. Then make a file called 1 bb-auth and follow this format:


Then, use ruby botboy.rb to run it.

Settings and Configuration

If you want Mention Prefixes:

In the file botboy.rb, simply replace USER_ID with the bots User ID.

If you want to change source code settings:

You can set them all after line 28.

If you want to use the eval command:

Replaye with your ID in line 551 in the source code.

Things I really need help with.

  • Masking in dis-card commands.
  • Better way to customize settings.
  • Requesting in mcserv command.
  • Fallback to commands.
  • A better meme command handler.
  • Unbug cat command.