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Port of twitter bot this__vid3: The objectively best Discord video downloader.
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A port of T-P0ser's @this__vid3 Twitter bot to Discord.

If you don't want to self-host (or you just need the invite), then click here.


You need Node.JS v10 (use nvm) or newer along with NPM. You also need Redis (for cooldowns) and also FFmpeg and frei0r-plugins for the video stuffs.

sudo apt install ffmpeg frei0r-plugins

Clone this repo somewhere, npm i to install dependencies, and npm start to run!

Configs are your friend.

Make sure to copy and paste config/_default.json into config/default.json. Most of the values are prefilled, but here is what you need to know (or do):

  • Fill in the discordToken field with the token of your bot.
  • Replace the user ID in owner with your own. (I wouldn't want to mess your stuff up.)
  • If you want to parse Twitter URLs make sure to fill in the twitter consumer token and secret. (Get them here)
  • If you have set up Redis on the same system as your bot, you don't need to deal with redis all that much, but if you have a different setup, make sure that's filled.
  • Any colons in any of the strings of video will result in the text being cut off. So maybe don't do that.
  • You can change cachePath if you want, but you don't need to.


@this_vid by shalvah.
@this_vid2 by TheEssem.
@this_vid3 by T-P0ser.

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