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The best memegen ever

FOSSA Status


You need Node.JS v10 (use nvm) or newer along with NPM. You also need to install ImageMagick.

sudo apt install libcairo2-dev libjpeg-dev libgif-dev
sudo apt install imagemagick


You can run npm start to start the bot. Make sure to copy and paste config/_default.json into config/default.json and fill in the properties below BEFORE starting the bot.


Property Type Description
discordToken string The token to the bot, duh.
prefixes array[string] The prefixes that the bot will use.
owner string The Discord ID of the person hosting the bot, AKA you.
redis object The Redis Authorization Information needed for cooldowns.
discord object The options for the Discord Client.
debug bool Whether or not to use verbose logs
botlist object Bot list tokens supported by dbots.js
options.lookBackLimit number How far PhotoBox should look back for a photo
options.requestTimeout number How long a request should take until it is dropped
api.weebsh string Wolke token for
api.giphy string API key for Giphy
commands string The path to the folder where all the commands will be.
image_codes string The path to the folder where all the image codes will be.



FOSSA Status