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I'm currently working on restructuring parts of the code to get it into a more maintainable state rather then to continue to build on the initial hack that formed this app. This includes extracting parts into more logical units to enable easier testing etc.


I've released BETA 8. You can download it via the Downloads page.


I've released BETA 7. You can download it via the Downloads page.

Fixes & new features

  • Added pwd command
  • Fixed TAB based auto complete on files/folders
  • Minor cleanup in the code base (ongoing).
  • open command now uses the current working directory if the file we try to start isn't rooted.
  • Added access to the clipboard history via right click menu.
  • Syncs clipboard content with avaialbe right click actions.


I've completed the first stage enabling commands to be pluggable. The prev. built in commands is now hosted as a stand-alone assembly that loads dynamically during startup. This will enable others to build new commands that they feel would be of use. I've also automated the process of building the new plugin dll with commands so that it will be copied into AppRoot\Commands when building from the sln file.

Stuff not working for the moment...

Well, the tab syncing with Windows 7's Aero Peek is a bit shaky. It will throw some exceptions now and then. I'm planning on fixing this ASAP, it's the biggest annoyance right now :P

The shell might fail when an app / script is requesting input that's supposed to be hidden, it will show the text/password you type in in plain text... Don't know how to fix this right now, someone else who has an idea? Please drop me an email or tweet!

The shell also fails when I try to do a git push and the key password should be given, this just blanks the shell right now... same as above, not sure on how to fix it, but I will def. spend time on it since I do use the app my self.

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