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FIGnition Read Me


This GitHub repository contains a release for FIGnition's open-sourced content.

FIGnition is released under GPLv3 and you should find COPYING.txt in the Firmware directory.

The primary development environment is Intel Mac OS X, and no attempt has yet been made to build FIGnition binaries on any other system. The FIGnition build environment uses tools written in 'C' and in Java as well as the avrdude tool for uploading firmware upgrades.

From Version 0.9.7, Building FIGnition is now a simpler, primarily automatic process. Now all you need to do is:

$make FIGVER=0x097 Distro

This builds the .s source files from .fth source files; then both variants of the FIGnition.hex files will be built:


The build process uses the new FIGnitionFirmwareCompiler: FFC to generate a suitable assembler file from a .fth file and SwapHex is used to combine relocation information from FFC with a .hex file to create the final .hex file where the ForthROM component is big-endian.

From version 0.9.7 the source for the PCB is included in Circuit/PCB. It's in Osmond format, a Mac OS X PCB Cad Package, but since I do actually edit the source to create parts and modify the PCB I consider it human-readable and therefore a valid OSH file format.