Another Multiminer for MPH,Zpool, and Hashrefinery,Ahashpool,Blazepool, and Zergpool
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*This is Windows software designed for Nvidia 1080ti

Thanks to Arronsace and NemosMiner --SniffDog-- has been created to Monitor MiningPoolHub, Zpool, and HashRefinery mining pools in real-time in order to find the most profitable Algo /

Auto Benchmarks Each algo to get optimal speeds and benches throughout monitoring

Fully automated / Set And Forget in Startsniff.bat/

How to set in StartSniff.bat:

  1. Place your Bitcoin address after -Wallet in StartSniffin.bat

NEW If you want to mine Litecoin......Place litecoin address in StartSniffin_Litecoin.bat (Only three Pools out of the SniffDog family responds to Litecoin payouts for auto conversion!!!!!!! )

  1. Register at MiningPoolHub and input your -Username and -Workername to StartSniff.bat (your Workername will also be used at hashrefinery and at Zpool for identification of your rig) ***Please leave password as 'x' at Miningpoolhub

  2. Add a -RigName for your mining rig for,,, and

Choose which Currency you would like bitcoin to be in and stats for that currency "i.e USD, EUR, etc

  1. If you don't want to be paid in Bitcoin at Hashrefinery or Zpool you can choose -Passwordcurrency *Note( Make sure you add same currency wallet address in -Wallet for the same -Currency chosen. Auto default is BTC for a BTC wallet address)

  2. Choose the algos you wish to mine and let SniffDog benchmark... startsniffin.bat -interval for benching and checking API signals is Defaulted at 120(seconds)

  3. Then go back into StartSniff.bat and select which pool you wish to be at and interval you would like the auto switch set at

  4. Go out with your friends and enjoy life! This is designed to catch market rise on coins when you're not there!

Auto Downloads Miners /

Thank you to aaronsace for devoloping and maintaining "MultiPoolMiner" and Thank you nemosminer for maintaining "NemosMiner"

This is a free project feel free to donate be much appreciated. Arronance btc address: 1MsrCoAt8qM53HUMsUxvy9gMj3QVbHLazH

Attached is readme file for more info