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ZMQ and Socket.IO were added to NodeJS-pool in early March, 2017 in order to help alleviate load issues, and to prepare for the ability of Monero to go ahead and provide data over ZMQ rather than simply via JSON-RPC to allow for better responses from the system.

This requires a development version of ZMQ libs to be available, we suggest libzmq3-dev from the ubuntu repos.

Using Socket.IO rooms, the following rooms are available:
payments - Should trigger a reload of the payments page to get new payments.
hash_chart_<address> - equiv to<address>/chart/hashrate/allWorkers
worker_stats_<address> - equiv to<address>/stats/allWorkers
worker_ids_<address> - equiv to<address>/identifiers
address_stats_<address> - equiv to<address>/stats
network_block_info - equiv to
pool_stats_<type> - equiv to<type>
pool_stats - equiv to
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