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Snom integration offers a feature rich weather web API.

This Python script is an integration example between OpenWeatherMap and Snom phones: using this script you can generate an XML application showing current weather and the 6-days forecast over a list of Cities or locations.


  • First of all you have to register on in order to obtain an API key.
  • Then you have to clone this repository
  • Install pyowm: this script requires the PyOWM library witch can be installed via pip install pyowm.
  • Run the script in order to generate the XML file, here you can see the available options (-k and -u are required).
Usage: [OPTIONS]

  -h, --help  show this help message and exit
  -u APP_URL  Set the application URL
  -c CITY     Set the city to retrieve, you can add more the one -c <city>
  -k API_KEY  The API Key
  -p          Your API key belongs to a pro account
  • Serve the generated file trough a web server, if you want to quickly test the application you can use the python builtin web server: python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Usage in a Docker container

This repo provides also a ready to use Dockerfile in order to run the script in a self-contained Docker container without the need to install PyOWM into the host machine:

  1. Build the container image: docker build -t owm-py .
  2. Run the script into the container: docker run -it --rm owm-py -u -k xxxxAPI-KEYxxxx -c Rome -c Milan -c Dubai > weather.xml
  3. Serve the XML file: python -m SimpleHTTPServer


Rome forecast main view:


Rome today weather:

Rome todat

Dubai forecast main view:


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