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Images slideshow

This small examples implements an image slideshow using the SnomIPPhoneImageFile tag and the fetch tag.

Images are sored into the images folder, the php scripts increments the image number to retrieve.


  1. Add the slideshow.php in your web server (PHP must be enabled)
  2. Setup your Snom phone in order to retrieve the PHP script

Usage in a Docker container

This repo provides also a ready to use Dockerfile in order to run the script in a self-contained Docker container without the need to install PHP and Apache into the host machine:

  1. Build the container image: docker build -t apache-php .
  2. Run the script into the container: docker run -it --rm --name apache-php -p 8080:80 -v $(PWD):/var/www/html apache-php
  3. Now you can access the application via http://IP_address/slideshow.php
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