Arduino library for Deuligne
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Latest commit 5751e12 Jan 27, 2015 Alphonse Add extended characters handling to DeuLigne
This commit creates a mapping (in Deuligne.h) to display extended characters using the 8 "CGRAM" chars rather than from the CGROM mapping.
This way, there is no dependancy on the actual ROM mapping in the display - chars are stored on the fly in one of the 8 CGRAM position.

* Only 8 extended chars are loadable at any given time. If a 9th need to be stored, then one of the least used one is evicted.
* The extended display of the character must be transfered to the display , this takes time.

Still need to be done:

* Before evicting a character, check that it's not currently displayed (by reading the data). Will slow this particular print,
  but shall not happen often.

* Store character table in progmem
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Deuligne.h Add extended characters handling to DeuLigne Jan 27, 2015



Connect the following pins from MCP23008 to LCD

  • P0 - D4
  • P1 - D5
  • P2 - D6
  • P3 - D7
  • P4 - RS
  • P5 - RW (not used, set to 0 to ground for write)
  • P6 - Bl (backlight switch)
  • P7 - E


on Mac

Using Finder

  • In Finder, go to "Documents", create folder "Arduino" inside, and create folder "libraries" inside "Arduino" folder
  • Download Deuligne lib, and copy unzipped content - should be a folder named Snootlab-Deuligne-xxxx - to "libraries" folder

Using Terminal

Copy Deuligne lib in your sketchbook, with the default path set in Arduino preferences:

git clone
mkdir -p ~/Documents/Arduino/libraries/
ln -sf Deuligne ~/Documents/Arduino/libraries/Deuligne