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LoRa library for ChisteraPi
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LoRa ChisteraPi

LoRa ChisteraPi is the source code for LoRa transmissions with ChisteraPi.


ChisteraPi + accessories LoRa :


Visit our specific forum at :


To get more informations visit our topic at :


The original Radiohead library is under GPLv2 license.

Modifications and examples come from Snootlab with GPLv2 license.

Howto start

Plug the ChisteraPi on your RaspberryPi.

Power on and connect into your RaspberryPi with SSH.

Activation of the SPI :

    sudo raspi-config

Then select "5 Interfacing Options" then "P4 SPI" and (Tested on version 20180518).

The lora_chisterapi library need the external library : wiringpi. If you don't have the library do :

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install wiringpi

Clone the repository :

    git clone

Get into the repository and select the example :

    cd lora_chisterapi
    cp examples/sender.cpp src/main.cpp
    cp examples/receiver.cpp src/main.cpp 

Compile and execute the example :

    sudo ./chisterapi
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