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(ns fcms.config
"Namespace for the FCMS configuration parameters."
(:require [environ.core :refer (env)]
[com.ashafa.clutch :as clutch]))
(defn- bool
"Handle the fact that we may have 'true'/'false' strings, when we want booleans."
(boolean (Boolean/valueOf val)))
;; ----- CouchDB config -----
(defonce db-host (or (env :db-host) "http://localhost:5984/"))
(defonce db-name (or (env :db-name) "falklandcms-dev"))
(defonce db-user (or (env :db-user) nil))
(defonce db-password (or (env :db-password) nil))
;; ----- CouchDB connect map -----
(defonce db-resource (assoc (cemerick.url/url db-host db-name)
:username db-user
:password db-password))
;; ----- Web server config -----
(defonce hot-reload (bool (or (env :hot-reload) false)))
(defonce web-server-port (Integer/parseInt (or (env :port) "3000")))
;; ----- Liberator config -----
(defonce liberator-trace (bool (or (env :liberator-trace) false)))