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name: snorby-collect
summary: The Snorby Unified2 Collection Agent
The snorby collection agent is in charge of monitoring & process unified2 data.
The data collected will be passed to the snorby web application for analysis and reporting.
license: MIT
authors: Dustin Willis Webber
has_yard: true
post_install_message: |
Snorby Collection Agent
A default configuration file will be created and placed in ~/.snorby.
To use snorby-collect with multipule logical sensors you simple need
to create individual configurations and start snorby-collect for each.
Starting The Collection Agent
$ snorby-collect --config PATH --run --debug
Starting the collection agent as a daemon.
$ snorby-collect --config PATH --daemon start --quiet
More Information:
env: ~> 0.1.2
unified2: ~> 0.5
datamapper: ~> 1.1.0
dm-is-counter_cacheable: ~> 0.1
pidly: ~> 0.1
ore-tasks: ~> 0.4
rspec: ~> 2.4
yard: ~> 0.6.1