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Bug - Error when sorting by sessions when viewing "unique unclassified sessions" #225

jthoel opened this Issue · 2 comments

3 participants

jthoel Jen Andre Dustin Webber

When in the events tab, viewing by 'unique classified sessions'. Clicking on 'Sessions' to sort (to reverse the sort) causes an error:


Sorting by Source IP also gives the same error

Snorby 2.5.2

Jen Andre

Hi, I am unable to reproduce this issue. If you're still having this problem, could you do me a favor and attach the production.log from the log/ folder in your snorby deployment? Feel free to sanitize it, or you an send it to and we can review it in private and hopefully we can resolve this for you.


Well today it's working like a champ. I believe maybe rebooting the server helped. Never mind. :-)

Dustin Webber mephux closed this
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