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Snorby Worker Troubleshooting

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You can open the rails console at anytime and interact with the Snorby environment. Below are a few helpful commands that may be useful:

Open the rails console by typing in the Snorby root directory:

rails console

Snorby Worker

You should never really need to run the below commands. They are all available within the Snorby interface but documented here just in case.

Snorby::Worker.stop      # Stop The Snorby Worker
Snorby::Worker.start     # Start The Snorby Worker
Snorby::Worker.restart   # Restart The Snorby Worker
Snorby Cache Jobs

This will manually run the sensor cache job - pass true or false for verbose output

This will manually run the daily cache job - once again passing true or false for verbose output

Clear All Snorby Cache - You must pass true to this method call for confirmation.


If the Snorby worker is running this will start the cache jobs and set the run_at time for the current time.


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