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Squirrel Away

Live demo

This point-and-click platformer game showcases procedural pathfinding using the Surfacer framework.

In this game, the player can click anywhere in the level, and the cat character will then jump, walk, and climb across platforms in order to reach that target destination.

NOTE: The Squirrel Away example game is set up as an "addon". This means that it cannot run by itself, and must be run within the addons/ directory of a separate project. This makes Squirrel Away a little more convoluted to run and understand on its own. But this makes it easy for us to also update Squirrel Away source code when making framework changes from another project, which is important for keeping Squirrel Away up-to-date!

⚙️ Getting set up

NOTE: This repo uses Git submodules to include frameworks.

To learn more about how the code works, checkout the Surfacer and Scaffolder READMEs.

💿 Software used

  • Surfacer: A framework that enables procedural path-finding across 2D platforms.
  • Scaffolder: A framework that provides some general app infrastructure.
  • Godot: Game engine.
  • Piskel: Pixel-art image editor.
  • Aseprite: Pixel-art image editor.
  • Bfxr: Sound effects editor.
  • DefleMask: Chiptune music tracker.

📃 Licenses

An animated GIF showing a squirrel running