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Releases: SnoringCatGames/surfacer

Configurable friction, dynamic max-speed, and character rotation!

23 Dec 22:58
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  • Support for rotating the character animation to match the surface slope at the grab point.
  • A system for annotating surfaces by drawing marks on tile-maps in Godot's scene editor.
  • Support for configurable friction per tile.
  • Support for configurable max-speed per tile.
  • Support for collinear neighbor surfaces.
  • Support for character categories.
  • Support for backtracking when overshooting the target on slippery surfaces.

Oddly-shaped surfaces, and navigation-interruption resolution!

30 Sep 17:02
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Some highlights:

  • Add support for oddly-shaped and single-vertex surfaces.
  • Add more-robust navigation-interruption resolution.
  • Add navigation is-stuck detection.
  • Improve annotation renderings.
  • Improve documentation.

Lots of improvements!

03 Sep 03:50
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Many things have been added and fixed since v0.4.0.

Initial submission for Godot Asset Library

07 Jun 19:01
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The framework is in a relatively stable state at this point.

I have submitted this snapshot to the Godot Asset Library.