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Website visualizer for Art
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Website visualizer


Background for the second project of ARTV3

python3 [url]

It takes a website url and generates an image procedurally.
Very good for wikipedia, but most other popular websites (facebook, twitter , etc) are mostly JS so it wont work as well.
Also, I rushed this, so it's not the most organized code (modular, etc).

How to Run:

I'm gonna assume you are on Mac. The parts under the instructions you paste into terminal.

  1. Get homebrew

    /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

  2. Get Python 3

    brew install python3

  3. Get Pillow

    pip3 install Pillow

  4. Get Beautiful Soup 4

    pip3 install beautifulsoup4

  5. Get Selenium

    pip3 install selenium

  6. Go to Safari and in the help menu look for Allow Remote Automation and press enter when it comes up
  7. Get git

    brew install git

  8. Go to desktop

    cd Desktop

  9. Get files

    git clone

  10. Go to new folder

    cd A3_P2

  11. Run code (I'm using an example URL you can use any URL)


  12. The image should open in preview and save to landscape.jpg in the A3_P2 folder
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