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Snowflake Emulator Frontend

The most over-engineered emulator frontend ever created.


Snowflake is a framework for building extensible frontends for modern emulators.

Main Projects

  • ❄️ Snowflake is where the core framework lives and undergoes development.
  • 🪨 Stone provides standardized, RFC compiliant identifiers to gaming platforms, game content formats, and controller layouts.
  • 🎮 snowflake-ingame provides Snowflake's in-game overlay and other facilities like process memory access to frontend plugins.
  • 💾 snowflake-projfs provides filesystem isolation and projection for emulators orchestrated by Snowflake.
  • ⚛️ hydrogen-paper is the default theme of Snowflake that implements an emulator frontend using the Snowflake framework.
  • 🌈 librashader provides a reusable, easily integratable implementation of the RetroArch shader pipeline for emulators.

Library Projects

These libraries have been created to aid with Snowflake's development and may be useful in your project as well.
  • winfsp-rs provides safe Rust bindings to WinFSP.
  • VCDiff is an SIMD-accelerated C# library for VCDIFF and xdelta compatible binary diffs with both encode and decode support.
  • ImGuiBackends are C# backends for ImGui.NET using Silk.NET for low overhead.
  • tsuku is a C# library for tagging files using extended attributes.
  • bunkai is a C# library for parsing NoIntro, TOSEC, and GoodTools file names.
  • chd-rs is a Rust implementation of the Compressed Hunks of Data file format.
  • shiratsu-naming is a Rust library for zero-copy parsing of NoIntro, TOSEC, and GoodTools file names.
  • listinfo-rs is a Rust library for zero-copy parsing of MAME ListInfo format DAT files.
  • sabinokaku is a minimal bootloader and injector for hosting the .NET runtime in another process.

Metadata Projects

These projects form Snowflake's efforts to archive and catalogue game and game data for use in emulator frontends.
  • OpenGood is a freely-available XML database for ROMs listed in the final distribution of GoodTools.
  • shiragame is a massive, versioned, games database compiled from a variety of DAT cataloguing organizations.
  • zengyaku is a set of tools used to reverse engineer unpacked GoodTools binaries.


  1. snowflake Public

    ❄️ 🎮 Emulator Frontend and SDK

    C# 233 15

  2. stone Public

    Standardized references to gaming platforms and controllers

    JavaScript 5 2

  3. vcdiff Public

    Heavily optimized .NET Core vcdiff library

    C# 22 10

  4. shiratsu Public

    Second generation aggregator for shiragame

    Rust 5 1

  5. chd-rs Public

    Pure Rust implementation of the Compressed Hunks of Data format, drop-in for libchdr.

    Rust 24 1

  6. librashader Public

    RetroArch Shaders for All

    Rust 41 3


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