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Get your very own Craft demo site in (The site will automatically expire in 48 hours) or build local.

My poc site :


1.login the site

2.Go to "Assets->upload files"

3.Upload one picture to see how GD function reshape the picture. I just download the "news-link-1-image.jpg" which is already in the list.

4.Insert the <?php phpinfo();?> into the pic by using "jpg_payload.php"

php jpg_payload.php news-link-1-image.jpg

Then the new pic "payload_news-link-1-image.jpg" is created.

5.Upload the "payload_news-link-1-image.jpg" ,now we can not change the filename by burpsuite.Then we upload the "payload_news-link-1-image.jpg" again,it will show up the warning as follow:

We choose the "Replace it".

6.Use burp to change the filename:

7.Then view the php file: