Template in LaTeX for openlab Summer Student report at CERN
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Template in LaTeX for openlab Summer Student report and presentation at CERN.
Please bear with me through all the README file as this will ease all the process.

Report --- CoSSRT.tex

Due to font selections, please compile with lualatex i.e.

lualatex CoSSRT.tex

or simply:

make reportP

If you are using BibTeX please follow:

lualatex CoSSRT.tex
bibtex CoSSRT
lualatex CoSSRT.tex
lualatex CoSSRT.tex

or simply:

make report

Presentation --- CoSSPT.tex

Please compile with pdflatex i.e.

pdflatex CoSSRT.tex

or simply:

make presentationP

If you are using BibTeX please follow:

pdflatex CoSSRT.tex
biber CoSSRT
pdflatex CoSSRT.tex
pdflatex CoSSRT.tex

or simply:

make presentation

The default presentation is in 16:9 format as the CERN original template, if you prefer old, good 4:3 proportions please swap commented document type definition lines:

% \documentclass[aspectratio=169]{beamer}

Presentation in PowerPoint format

If for some reason (CERN specific) you are forced to deliver presentation in pptx format please do:

make convert

to get PowerPoint format; it is not beautiful, but sufficient. Be patient---this may take a while.

The conversion procedure requires Python and module python-pptx, available here. The easiest way to install it, is to use pip:

pip install python-pptx

Platform dependencies

As the CERN template is using multiple fonts it is required to have them installed.
Windows users should be all-right.
Package for Arch Linux is available here (thanks Beni); for Debian Linux (this includes Ubuntu) do:

sudo apt-get install cabextract

and then use script available here to install the fonts;
Mac users: download Open XML Converter; right click on the package and select show package contents; go to Contents/Packages; again do show package contents on OpenXML_all_fonts; go to Contents; double-click on Archive.pax.gz; go to unpacked folder; install Calibri and Times New Roman by double clicking on them.

Finally for all platforms do:


to update LaTeX font database.